Creative Writing in French

Improve your French skills in a different and entertaining way

Do you need to brush up your school French?

Do you speak ok French but need to write in French in your professional life?

Or do you simply feel like learning more French but have a hard time adapting your life puzzle to the study associations' evening courses?

Writing exercises with yourself in focus

Improve your knowledge of the French language in a different and entertaining way. Here you are offered various writing assignments via email with the opportunity to strengthen your ability to write, increase your vocabulary and practice grammatical difficulties. As a bonus, you also get to know different French-speaking authors.

Individually or in a group - you decide

You receive writing exercises directly via e-mail and you have one week to write. Then, together we go through your text. Starting individual sessions can help you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities. In group sessions (2 - 6 people), you can learn from others, with others - your texts are shared with the group and we assess the texts together in a positive and trusting environment.

Osez écrire

"The art of writing is above all to make oneself understood."

Eugène Delacroix
Artiste peintre (1798 - 1863)