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A big thanks...

... because you helped me get this far with French! You are a fantastic teacher who pushes and provides support in the right combination. It has been very nice and at the same time a help to put up with working from home!

Lars Niklasson, SIEPS, Stockholm 

My sleeping French back to life

With her pedagogical and fun course design, Florence managed to bring my sleeping French to life in a short time. I especially appreciated that she lets the conversation revolve around interesting topics, this made me start talking quickly and that was probably the key to success.

Anna Wetter Ryde, SIEPS, Stockholm

See you soon!

Only two or three times in your life will you meet a good professor and a sympathetic person at the same time. For me it was Florence. Unfortunately, Florence left Moscow, but thanks to the Internet we can continue.

Alexey Filimonov, A. Slavutina, Moscou